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Serial Roleplays / Re: Klaw's Last SRP
February 17, 2020, 02:38:37 pm
Maybe an Orville-esque RP based on a New Orleans Class Starship during the TNG/DS9/Voy Era. We'd explore the Gamma Quadrant first, meet some new alien races, and possibly take a pivotal role in the war... - as well as show some of the awkward transition between the Enterprise C and the Enterprise D. (pre TNG Season 1)
Serial Roleplays / Re: Klaw's Last SRP
February 10, 2020, 03:21:32 pm
As a preliminary suggestion - a few off the cuff ideas have come to mind (and I'm not afraid to map like a madman to accomplish these :P)

1. A dystopian 30th century. The Borg have all but destroyed the Alpha Quadrant, and what remains of the Federation live on in a scattered Flotilla, protected by an elite taskforce called Section 31 (it'd be a new, interesting take on the organization in the far future, after the events of option 2)

2. What I've called DS9 Season 8 - based on the writers room segment of the "What We Left Behind" DS9 Documentary. The first Cardassian in Starfleet has arrived on DS9 to take command of the station (20 years after Sisko was taken by the prophets) - and the galaxy is a very different place, but like Quark said "The more things change, the more they stay the same".

3. Days after the Khitomer conference, and the signing of the peace treaty between the Klingon Empire and the Federation, Starfleet readies a humanitarian convoy to head to Klingon Space. Mission 1 - Aid the Praxis cleanup, Mission 2 - Explore the vast expanse beyond the empire that even the Klingon's haven't ventured.
Serial Roleplays / Klaw's Last SRP
February 10, 2020, 03:03:13 pm
So I've been thinking a lot about this over the last week or so, and recent events have helped me to come to this point. I have one more SRP in me. It *could* run for 20 years :P but I have one more in me. I'm not sure which story I want to tell, I'm open to suggestions on era/ship/etc. But with any luck, (and if I have the support) by March, I want to start it up, and see where we go.

So I guess, I'm asking the community. Anyone interested? Do you have suggestions. What do you want to see/do/experience in my last series?
Serial Roleplays / Re: Star Trek Renegade Pilot
February 03, 2020, 02:40:17 pm
Due to an apparent lack of interest, this pilot has been cancelled.

(Thank you String for your interest in it, maybe one day I can try again...)
RPG-X / Re: Klaw's RPG-X Overhaul Initiative
February 01, 2020, 06:00:04 am
Another night barely able to think straight :P

decided to map out what I'm calling the RPG-X Configurator, and get a basic idea of what I'd like the gui to look like, and the program to do.

May be worth a look, I'd appreciate any feedback/suggestions!

Quote from: undefinedRPG-X Configurator

This is a written up idea bubble of how this thing can/will/does work (In my head at least). When the Configurator is installed, it will replace your default RPG-X shortcuts
and open when you launch the game.

// represents a tab at the top of the window.
## represents a button to press
( )represents a dialog box for you to fill in info.

//Character Creation
 ##Load Saved Character
 ##Select character file (Lists saved character files, highlight and select ##OK)
 ##Edit character file (Takes you to Create New Character with the info filled in for this profile)
 ##Create New Character
 ( )Name
 ( )Age
 ( )Race
 ( )Model
 ( )Height
 ( )Weight
 ( )Uniform and Communicator
 ( )Class and Color
//Rankset Selection
 Choose your RP's Rank Set
 ##Primary Rank set choice (Lists all available rank sets that fit the corresponding standard, and are installed in the correct file, highlight and select ##OK)
 ##Secondary Rank set choice (Lists all available (sans the previous choice) rank sets that fit the corresponding standard, and are installed in the correct file, highlight and select ##OK)

//Weapon and tools selection
 Choose your RP's Equipment Style
 ##Packs for TOS, TNG etc. (Lists all available equipment sets that fit the corresponding standard, and are installed in the correct file, highlight and select ##OK)
//Map Retextures
 ##Choose your map retexture(s)
 List of retextures and which map(s) they effect.
//Information and Credits
 Link to Map List (Google Sheets doc I'm working on)
 Link to Rank Readme (a readme about the rank set, and how they're organized - TBD)
 Link to The Forge
 Link to The Last Outpost
 At the bottom of the window, set static - there will be a ##Launch RPG-X button. If any of the information above isn't filled in, it will pre-load a set of defaults (in most cases, RPG-X defaults - in the case of the rank set, It'll set the Klingon rank (WIP) as secondary and DS9 as primary) OR It will load in the previously loaded options.
 Maybe I should add in a ##Refresh button, to remove any configurations that are in your RPG-X install, and return everything back to default
RPG-X / Re: Klaw's RPG-X Overhaul Initiative
January 31, 2020, 09:02:49 pm
I'm still playing with things, but my idea seems to work!

The Forge RPG-X server is currently running the new rankest - and will do so through the weekend (unless someone complains...)


This above is a link to the WIP rankest. In it's current state, it contains rank images across the Ent, TOS, Movie, TNG, Voy and DS9 eras.

To use it, follow these Instructions:
1. Extract the zip into your baseef folder
2. Open the gfx folder, and you will then see a series of Folders (2d, Ent Era, TOS Era, etc)
3. Select the era you want, and copy both the ForgeRanks and ForgeProvisionalranks.tga files from that folder.
4. Place the copied files into the 2d folder (overwriting the ones currently in there.
5. Connect to The Forge RPG-X Server (/connect

This is still in VERY early stages, I'm putting it out there though hoping for some help with testing, and feedback on whether or not things are programmed/working correctly.

Moving on to the next stage, figuring out an easier way of activating/deactivating the ranks before the game launches. (AKA, building a Mod Manager...)
RPG-X / Re: Klaw's RPG-X Overhaul Initiative
January 31, 2020, 01:50:21 am
It's been a while since I've done a rank set, and I've never built one from *complete* scratch (I usually paste over another one... :P )

I managed to get the ranks working locally. Having a problem now with my image file. I *think* the rank images are too close together, and as a result, it's glitching out some of the rank images (The DS9 images won't display the commodore rank, for example - and the ent era ranks won't display any of the admiral ranks) - the only thing I can think of is there isn't enough space between the rank images.

So tomorrow, back to the drawing board, as I space these suckers out, reconfigure the rank script again, and see what happens.

Tomorrow night, I *should* be able to test my theory in full, and determine whether or not this local rank set loading idea will work.
RPG-X / Re: Klaw's RPG-X Overhaul Initiative
January 30, 2020, 07:54:28 pm
Hit a snag working on the rank set (Keep getting an error that I can't seem to resolve... yet.)

so, while I mull that over, I decided this morning to start work on a map list, featuring all of the maps installed on my install of RPG-X (which may or may not be all of the ones in Ultimate Edition)

My hope is to setup a full on information page, where we can link to, and update the spreadsheet with information as RPG-X content is released. I also hope it can serve as an aid for people who may want to run an RP, but can't seem to find the map they want to use.

The Map List so far: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1vDcwfmbedj-rT4Rp3pUlmPGNfyc9HLkIc4olwDSVvWw/edit?usp=sharing

If you're interested in collaborating on this, or anything else that may come to the table/my head as I putter to "Make RPG-X Great Again" (Need to find my old hat...) please let me know!
RPG-X / Re: Klaw's RPG-X Overhaul Initiative
January 29, 2020, 04:49:21 am
Did some thinking/research and took some creative liberties....

BUT I think I have a reasonable Movie Era set now...

Going to need to add a fourth column to all the other sets (No Problem, just gonna copy/paste the middle column...)
RPG-X / Re: Klaw's RPG-X Overhaul Initiative
January 29, 2020, 01:33:22 am
The current rank set(s) WIP:

So far, I have setup the basics of 5 individual ranksets. Each set consists of basic Starfleet ranks and a series of "provisional" ranks.

I've had to be a little creative, as the Ent ranks, and TOS ranks don't include provisional rank pips like the TNG/DS9/Voy Era do. So, in lieu of the available, I used Vulcan ranks for Ent, and The Cage/Where No Man Has Gone Before ranks for TOS.

Still working on the Movie era(s), I'm probably going to have to make things a bit simpler there than they appear on screen - but we'll see
RPG-X / Klaw's RPG-X Overhaul Initiative
January 29, 2020, 12:24:08 am
So, the longer I remain unemployed, the more bored I get...

last night, I had an idea about writing a script (which I hope to eventually turn into a full blown GUI loader) that will allow players to select their own rankest (Meaning, we have a blank rankest on the server, then load one of our choosing locally of the same name as the server one, so we can more easily cater an RP to the era it's based on without the need for admin interference/server reboot - assuming it works)

I've spent the last couple of evenings puttering with this, and the idea has expanded a bit to also include:

1.Combadge choices
2.Phaser/Phaser Rifle/Tricorder Choices
3.A Secondary rankest (for example, if you're doing a DS9 RP, you can select the appropriate Starfleet Rankset, and the Bajoran ranks - or run the TNG and Voy set together - etc etc)
4.Other ideas may come to me...

The benefits here can ideally allow for us to more easily tailor the RPG-X experience to the players. Whether or not I can achieve all if this remains to be seen, but in the simplest terms, I believe it's quite possible, and I've already gone to work to make it happen - laying out the graphics for 5 new rank sets.

By the end of the week, I hope to test the rankest theory with the server, and get started on swapping the combadge and weapons.

I'm also working on a script that should *hopefully* make it easier for me to automatically assign uniform types to individual character models - making it a much simpler process to design, and deploy new uniforms to character models.

If you have any questions/comments/suggestions about any of this (or if you want to help!) Please let me know!
Good Day

I wanted to take a moment and welcome String back to the fold. He signaled to me via discord that he's back, and ready to take his seat again.

I have however asked Dendo to stay at the table, as I am taking a month long LoA (At least).

For this time, the Ops Team will consist of Scott Archer, Stringtheorist, and Dendo.

Scott has agreed to serve as interim Chairperson during my LoA.

I won't be 100% gone, I'm just trying to get re-centered. If anyone looks around, you'll see me *trying* to get some things going - 2 SRPs spring to mind. With any luck, those will take off (they won't happen, unless you take part!) and I'll be able to come back in a stronger place than I am currently in.

If you have any questions about the changes listed above, please feel free to reach out to either Scott Archer or Myself.

Thank you
Serial Roleplays / Star Trek Renegade Pilot - CANCELLED
January 26, 2020, 04:41:32 am
Star Trek: Renegade
Episode 0 - Into The Black
Stardate: 55288 (April, 2378)
Airdate: TBD

On a backwater world deep inside Klingon space:

Captain Thomas Winters has been hired by a local Medical Facility to acquire a dose of an experimental new drug that is being tested by the Federation. This medicine is allegedly a cure for a new malady afflicting dilithium miners. The Federation has kept the formula under lock and key for unknown reasons, and all direct attempts to attain the medication have been met with a hard "no".

Feeling the job is worth the hassle, Winters has taken it on - but to pull it off, he's going to need some reliable, and trustworthy assistance...
Serial Roleplays / Star Trek: Renegade - Any Interest?
January 23, 2020, 03:41:28 pm
So, I was looking through old story ideas, and since I have a LOT of time on my hands right now, I'd like to run a series while I work on another :P

With that said, would anyone be interested in a non-traditional Star Trek serial based loosely on Joss Whedon's 'Firefly'?

The premise is as follows:

Star Trek: Renegade
    The Dominion war was a time of great hardship and strife for all Federation citizens across the quadrant. Some of these citizens decided in the days before the war, that if their government wasn't going to do anything, they would take care of their own. Some joined the Maquis, some formed militias and others were simply caught, and thrown into prison under charges of espionage. Times were dark, and when the war hit, they only got darker...

    The Federation was greatly outnumbered as a result of the Cardassians joining the Dominion, and Deep Space Nine's lack of intervention as Dominion Ships entered the Alpha Quadrant. Federation Officials went on a recruitment drive throughout planets within their control. But all of this was for scraps, and the war went into full gear.

On a Federation border planet near Cardassian Space, A young Starfleet Lieutenant was sent with a small security force to attempt to amalgamate a new-found militia into the Federation Ranks - when the Cardassians attacked... The battle was a slaughter, three divisions of Cardassian Troops swept through the settlements across the planet, murdering the thousands who tried to stand against them. The young Lieutenant did what he could, but when reinforcements were denied... The Young Officer grabbed what people he could fit in his shuttle, and made a daring escape...

It's been nearly three years since the war ended, and "Captain" Thomas Winters has made a name for himself as a smuggler, gun for hire, thief and problem solver. Aboard his ship, the Renegade, Winters sets out on his own, looking for work, avoiding the Federation when possible, and with a single goal in mind: keep flying.
Information / Job Posting - Community Media Manager
January 13, 2020, 02:28:27 pm
The Forge is currently looking for an Active, engaging spirit to serve as a Community Media Manager.

the CMM is responsible for overseeing and maintaining community media and marketing initiatives including

-Social Media Profiles - Posting regular content on our SM profiles, advertising Events, engaging the greater communities of Facebook, Twitter etc.

-Web Advertising - finding places outside SM to promote the community

-Stream Service Content - Working with our friends at EE to coordinate Stream efforts, ensuring maximum outreach of all of our streamed content

-Forge Art work is a plus, but not required (Signature creation, slider banners, etc)

To Apply, please shoot a private message to Klaw with a simple explanation of why you feel you're up to the task.

Interviews will be scheduled for each applicant

I promise, this will be a very painless process, I just want a chance to talk to everyone one on one to see who's the best fit.