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Klaw's interpretation of the Light Frigate "Agrippa":

Screenshots of my intended version for RPG-X:

Screenshots of the upcoming Jedi Academy version:

Another example of what could've been a good looking and enjoyable map for RPX-X in a day of age where practically no new maps are made . . .

Back in 2011 while still active in RPG-X, I came across a map named "Normandy" made by Klaw who was in-house mapper of The Last Outpost,one of the few people still creating content for the RPG-X modification. Altough I like the map very much, I couldn't help noticing from a more professional mappers perspective, that there was a long list of 'issues' that plagued the map.

Especially in the area's of model use, visibility and frame rate was a lot that could be improved with the proper attention. Since the original release included the *.map file, I began work by starting to re-do several area's and progressed further by improving its general look and feel, while retaining Klaw's original design and premise.

Unfortunately, due to The Last Outpost refusal to see reason, this project was cancelled a long time ago and it is really a shame, since the screenshots certainly prove that Klaw and I could create good looking and enjoyable maps, especially in a day of age where no-one really develops custom maps for RPG-X anymore . . .