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Announcements / Star Trek Nova Returns
Last post by Klaw - February 27, 2021, 04:03:51 pm
Good Morning Blacksmiths!

After discussions with a few of you, and a brief poll - your voices have been heard, and Nova has returned!

Star Trek Nova takes place in the first days of the Federation. For the next 13 weeks, we'll be the ones exploring the early Federation, dealing with internal political struggles, external threats from previously unseen corners of the galaxy, and may even throw in a small wacky do in honor of April 1st.

Details are still being carved out (And feedback is welcome :) ) - but there is a roster, and a brief introduction to the series, and a teaser for episode 1 currently up on the boards located here and more information will present itself as soon as it becomes available.

I am very excited about this mini-series, and I hope to see you all on March 13th!

Nova is back!
Serial Roleplays / Re: Klaw's Last SRP
Last post by Klaw - February 20, 2021, 11:27:25 pm
The shuttle climbed slowly and steadily from the ground, with the young Captain at the controls. In the seats behind him were a few of his officers, battered and bruised from the mission they had just been on. The Captain looked down at his controls to ensure that their climb was steady, then turned his chair slightly so he could look his officers in the eye.

"You all did well - we did well. It was tough going, but we just saved an entire civilization from the brink of extinction"

The Science officer eyed the Captain in disbelief - the mission was a direct violation of their standing orders. General Order One! How could the Captain be so cavalier about breaking a rule like that?

The officers remained silent, each contemplating their futures, and the mission.

It isn't every day one goes diving into ice caves and cracks to leave a sonic resonance cannon in a deep crevasse of a planet's pole to help realign the magnetic pole and stave off an apocalyptic ice age that would have killed all life on a pre-warp planet.

What a trip, what a climb! When the quake hit, nearly everyone thought that would be it...

But they did it, and now this planet will remain stable for at least another 80 years; by which time the people may be more capable of surviving the event.

As the shuttle climbed through the clouds, a voice came through the comm array.

"Shuttlepod One, we have you on our scopes, you are cleared for docking."

And with that, zooming over head - Nova!

Taking up a position ahead of the shuttle in a low orbit, Nova aligned her launch bay for the shuttle to glide below. The magnetic grappling arm reached down and pulled the shuttle in, securing all aboard in the kind embrace of familiar sorroundings.

On the comm, the voice came on once again

"Shuttlepod One, Welcome Back"

Nova Returns March 13th
Announcements / Re: A New RPG-X Series?
Last post by Shoot - February 14, 2021, 09:27:26 pm
You made me cough!  ;D

But I'd be interested for RPing once more for old times sake, especially Daedalus/Nova era has always had a special place in my heart, but I'm also really interested in "From Here to Infinity"
Announcements / A New RPG-X Series?
Last post by Klaw - February 14, 2021, 09:24:20 pm
Good Day Blacksmiths

*coughs* Spider web! *pfft pfft* *Hairball noise* Sorry - dusty in here.

I wanted to bring to your attention - this:,258.0.html

A more elaborate explanation. I want to get back into RPG-X. I have a series in my head that I think would be a lot of fun, and very unlike anything we've done before (The only comparable RPG-X series I can think of in my years in RPG-X was Telex Ferra's "First Steps" - both are non-trek, focusing on a more modern, real world motif)

In order to pull off the idea in my head, I need to build some maps - in order to build some maps, I need to make time, and in order to make time - I want to make sure that these maps will see use - so I need to see if there is still any interest in RPG-X.

RPG-X has a lot of life in it - and the biggest issue I see is that everyone looks at it and thinks "Star Trek Game" - but it doesn't have to be! With some guidance, we can make new content, and do new things - and give RPG-X a life outside of Star Trek, molding it into something different.

I'll get off this soap box before I go on too much longer - but the bottom line is, I want to do something different - and create a new world to explore in RPG-X (or explore some old ones while I finish building the new one :P )

The link above leads to three spring mini-series ideas, response to those ideas will tell me how much interest (if any) is out there still for RPG-X. With any luck - We'll run one of those series for 3 months, then come back in the Fall for "From Here to Infinity"

I welcome any and all feedback - even if it's a "Thank you, but no, I'm not interested" I'd love to see you all out there, and helping to rekindle the fun we all once had with RPG-X while working together to give it some new life.
Serial Roleplays / Re: Klaw's Last SRP
Last post by Klaw - February 14, 2021, 09:12:00 pm
A few minor notes

This is an old post - and that title may be a bit of a misnomer - we'll see.

If we have a semi-clear winner by the end of the month, we could start as soon as March 13th (if not sooner)

I'd prefer to run this as a Saturday Series - though comments on day/and time will be taken into consideration

(Translation to the above - let me know when works best for you here, so I can try to accommodate your schedules the best I can)

I also see this running as a 12 episode (max) mini-series. All but one of these has a continuation in mind - and can/will likely spawn a full series that I'll aim to start in the Fall.

If you have any questions about any of the above ideas, or the logistics of the series - or anything, please let me know.
The Lounge / What could've been: Light Frig...
Last post by Apprentice - January 16, 2021, 03:02:04 pm
Klaw's interpretation of the Light Frigate "Agrippa":

Screenshots of my intended version for RPG-X:

Screenshots of the upcoming Jedi Academy version:

Another example of what could've been a good looking and enjoyable map for RPX-X in a day of age where practically no new maps are made . . .
The Lounge / What could've been: RPG_Norman...
Last post by Apprentice - January 16, 2021, 02:35:07 pm

Back in 2011 while still active in RPG-X, I came across a map named "Normandy" made by Klaw who was in-house mapper of The Last Outpost,one of the few people still creating content for the RPG-X modification. Altough I like the map very much, I couldn't help noticing from a more professional mappers perspective, that there was a long list of 'issues' that plagued the map.

Especially in the area's of model use, visibility and frame rate was a lot that could be improved with the proper attention. Since the original release included the *.map file, I began work by starting to re-do several area's and progressed further by improving its general look and feel, while retaining Klaw's original design and premise.

Unfortunately, due to The Last Outpost refusal to see reason, this project was cancelled a long time ago and it is really a shame, since the screenshots certainly prove that Klaw and I could create good looking and enjoyable maps, especially in a day of age where no-one really develops custom maps for RPG-X anymore . . .
Pierce's Pancake Palace / Re: Klaw's Retirement
Last post by Apprentice - January 10, 2021, 12:57:10 pm
Although it is always sad to see a project fail, don't you dare start thinking that you are to blame for it. That blame lies for a very large part within RPG-X and its communities itself and this kind of negativity has been active there for over a decade now. Luke Sutton wrote in 2009 an article about this and unfortunately, this negativity spindled down even further in the decade that followed.

In essence: RPX-X is done and has been done for a long time now. The original developers over at Ubergames completely abandoned it, even the website is since November 2019 completely closed. New custom content in the form of maps, skins and the likes are not released anymore. The last 'big' release for RPG-X was Griffin Enurance's Asteria Pack and maybe there have been some smaller map releases but if they happened, then they were released within the various RPG-X communities. The effort taken by TLO is not something that I consider official on account of the grey area they have maneuvered themselves into.

People decided to move on and leave RPG-X as is and the ones who remain, are just hanging out in their respective groups because of the familiarity of that particular group, hence the sense of apathy you have discovered and I do say that even 'Star Trek' has moved away from its core values since the turn of the century.

That being said, I do urge you to continue mapping and releasing them but not for Elite Force/RPG-X. Instead make them for Jedi Academy and if you want a challenge, Jedi Outcast.


First of all, the games are still officially available through Steam and for around$10 (or € 8,29 if you happen to live in the EU) and even cheaper during the summer & winter sale. For those games, people don't need to venture into grey area's of questionable ethics as is present with TLO's RPG-X release, which contains materials that has been included with an opt-out method because the original developer could not be contacted.

Secondly, unlike Elite Force/RPG-X, the Jedi Academy modding scene is far larger then the Elite Force/RPG-X modding scene, even at its peak, so the amount of exposition is far greater then what you can achieve today or have achieved within RPG-X. Mappers, skinners, coders, modders, they are all very active within Jedi Academy.

Lastly, you have talent. You have skill, you know your way around in Radiant and I have seen you making some interesting design elements within your maps. Raw but interesting enough to peak interest. I have seen you do this in your "Normandy" and iterations after (I believe that there are three different versions of it) and also on some other maps, like your version of the Frigate.

In the right community and under some experienced tutorage, I do believe that your skill can be much higher and your work more sophisticated then it is right now. Take a look at the comparisations between your pass and my pass of the Normandy. You have already seen some shots of the Frigate, so you already know how that could have looked.

It doesn't have to be me who will tutor you and I understand it perfectly given my history with TLO but I do say that if we would have worked together, we would have created a series of very fine and sophisticated maps that RPG-X has ever seen, so I do urge you to joining the "Dark Side" (pun intented) and let your talent and skill thrive in a way that is nowadays unachievable within the RPG-X community . . .
The Final Frontier / Re: The Second Great Battle of...
Last post by Scott Archer - November 25, 2020, 10:06:09 pm
Keeping Track of those in on Discord:
- Scott
- Chris
- Callum
- Shoot
- Klaw
The Final Frontier / Re: The Second Great Battle of...
Last post by Klaw - November 03, 2020, 04:17:57 pm
Added a list of acceptable mods - which is not exhaustive. If we can all agree on the mods - it will be added to the list. - let's try to fill this in soon.
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