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Code of Conduct

Started by Klaw, June 17, 2019, 01:09:07 pm

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Our mission is to the players, to create a fun, engaging and inclusive gaming experience.

The following is our code of conduct, and it is expected to be followed by everyone who joins in our endeavour.

Section 1: Member Conduct

1. All members are representatives of the values and mission of The Forge and as such will be expected to act with respect towards others both here and abroad at all times.

2. Members must always act in a manner that reflects positively on our community by not engaging in any activity that could reflect negatively upon the community.

3. Comments attacking a person's race, religion, gender or sexual orientation will not be tolerated.

4. The impersonation of other members is strictly prohibited.

5. The above rules apply to our forums and servers, as well as on the forums and servers of other groups.

6. Any action that does not technically violate the rules, but is judged to be malicious or inappropriate by The Operations Team , may result in punishment.

Section 2: Server Rules

1. The rules of the server(s) must be followed at all times

2. All requests by a server administrator must be followed

3. When on the servers of other communities, members are bound to the rules of their servers, and may be punished for violation of these rules.

Section 3: Forum Rules

1. The rules of the forums, shall be followed at all times.

2. All requests from moderators should be followed

3. When on the forums of other communities, members are bound by the rules of their forums, and may be punished for violation of these rules.

4. Members are not allowed to give other users access to their forum accounts; as such persons may gain access to areas they are not entitled to.

5. Our Discord server, Steam Group and any other community web presence is an extension of our forum, and will be governed by the same set of rules.

Section 4: Membership (Activity, Leave of Absences, and Application)

1. All members are expected to stay active on the forums. The Operations Team reserves the right to remove inactive members from leadership positions if they do not visit the forums at least once per week.

2. Members who will be inactive for more than one week should post a leave of absence on the forums.

3. During a leave of absence, a staff member should transfer his/her power to someone to fill the position until he/she returns. This temporary transfer can be delegated to any member, but can be blocked by The Operations Team and reappointed by same.

4. Members may not have more than one account on the forums. If you get locked out, or circumstances mandate that you create a new account, please inform The Operations Team to help resolve the situation.

Section 5: The Operations Team

1. The Operations Team oversees the day to day operations of the community, and collectively has the power to govern the community.

2. The Operations Team must always consist of an odd number of members, and will number no fewer than 3, and no greater than 7.

3. Every member of the Operations Team is equal during discussions and voting.

4. Operations Team members are appointed by a majority vote of the membership.

5. Elections for the Operations Team occur on an annual cycle. Community Members have a right to call an 'election refresh' vote to force a new election cycle at any time before the normal annual election , and if passed by a majority of members, then the Operations Team must hold such elections within five days of the closing of the poll.

6. The Operations Team will elect a chairperson from amongst its ranks. This chairperson is equal to the other members of The Operations Team . This person will serve as a "go to" person who can represent the community and speak on its behalf, and someone to whom the members can go to with concerns they wish to bring before the Operations Team as a whole. Additionally, if an Operations Team vote is tied after the poll has closed; the chairperson may cast the deciding vote. This chairperson shall be elected at the start of every new Operations Team session. If the majority of the Operations Team fails to elect a chairperson after two ballots, the election shall be put to the community as a whole.

7. A member of the Operations Team may be removed by a unanimous vote of The Operations Team . During such a vote, that member may not exercise his/her powers to vote.

Section 6: Disciplinary Procedures

1. The Operations Team will appoint a staff member to the position of Community Advocate for a term of one year. The Community Advocate will be responsible for providing discipline for minor offenses, submitting reports to the Operations Team for major offenses, and investigating any allegations of rule-breaking.

2. The disciplinary options available to the Community Advocate include, but are not limited to: unofficial warnings, official warnings, temporary server or forum bans (lasting no more than 5 days), revocation of awards, suspension of moderator/administrative privileges, removal from staff positons, server or forum bans, and expulsion from the community.

3. The decisions or findings of any disciplinary investigation can be appealed to the Operations Team for additional review.

4. In the event that the Community Advocate posesses a conflict of interest or is the subject of an investigation, The Operations Team will temporarily assign another staff member to serve in this capacity for the duration of the investigation.

5. A minor offense is defined as a breach of community rules that:
   Was done unintentionally or without malicious intent
   Did not do any harm to the community as a whole
   Did not involve the abuse of moderator/administrative privileges

6. The Community Advocate may punish minor offenses at their discretion, with the action taken not to exceed a temporary server or forum ban.

7. In the event of a major offense, the Community Advocate will determine the facts of the case and submit their findings to the Operations Team along with their recommended punishment. The Operations Team will decide what punishment is warranted by a majority vote.

8. At all times, the Operations Team and Community Advocate will ensure that any punishment is proportional to the nature of the offense and any extenuating circumstances.

9. Expulsion from the community requires a 2/3 vote from the Operations Team and may only be used for offenses that:
   Were carried out with the intent to do harm towards the community
   Involved multiple or severe breaches of Section 1 with malicious intent
   Co-opted or damaged community resources
   Was of sufficient impact to disrupt the community at large

10. At the request of the membership, the Operations Team will provide an outline of the reasoning for a particular disciplinary decision and present the findings of the Community Advocate's investigation when able.

11. The Community Advocate can be removed by a 'Refresh' vote of the membership, or by a majority vote of the Operations Team.

Section 7: Elections

1. Elections will be held at the same time each year, except in the event of a vacancy in the Ops Team either by a resignation or a Community Refresh Vote.

2. In the event of a resignation or refresh of any single position on the Ops Team, An election will commence within 5 days of the vacancy. The election will be held to fill the position for the remainder of the current term.

3. A Community Refresh vote can be called to do any of the following:
   Refresh any single Ops team position. If passed by a simple majority, see Section 7, Article 2
    Refresh the entire Ops team. If passed by a simple majority, new elections must be held within 5 days of the vote, and the annual election cycle will roll over to the new timeline.

4. At any time, a member may call a Community Refresh vote, either publicly, or anonymously through the Community Advocate or Operations Team.

5. During an election cycle, Any member can nominate themselves to The Operations team

6. Once nominated, the appointed elections officer will setup a Q&A Thread where the members may ask a candidate relevant questions, to help the membership make a more informed decision.

7. Nominations will remain open for one week and at the closing of the nomination thread, the Elections Officer will setup the polling place. The Q&A Threads will remain open for further discussion until the election is completed.

8. Polls will remain open for one week.

9. The winner(s) are decided by a simple majority vote

10. In the event of a tie vote, a runoff election will be held and decided by a simple majority

11. In the event of a tie in the runoff, the decision will be made by a coin toss, or other such use of randomization.

Section 8: Ratification and Amendments:

1. In order to be ratified or retracted in its entirety, unanimous vote from the Operations Team is required.

2. In order to amend this Code of Conduct, the Operations Team must have a 2/3rds majority vote in favor of the amendment. If only a simple majority is reached, the measure may be introduced in two months time. If the measure fails a second time, but maintains a support of a simple majority, the question may be put the community as a whole where a 2/3rds majority in the affirmative is required for the CoC to be amended.


Per This Thread the CoC has been amended to shorten the election process.