Emergency Referendum vote to determine the size of our first Operations Team

Started by Klaw, June 17, 2019, 01:49:34 am

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How many Members should the inaugural Ops Team consist of

3 members
7 (100%)
5 members
0 (0%)
7 members
0 (0%)
0 (0%)

Total Members Voted: 7

Voting closed: June 22, 2019, 01:50:59 am


It was brought to my attention Saturday that we never codified how large our first ops team would be. Per our conversation on discord this morning, this vote will remedy that (and the ops team can remedy it for the future once selected)

That being said, based on the articles of the Code of Conduct, the Operations team must be an odd number between 3 and 7.

So, How many people should we elect?

This poll will close on Friday, June 21st.

Ops Team Elections will begin as scheduled, beginning with Nominations and Q&A starting tomorrow (When Callum gets himself organized and ready for it.)


(Running a little late - yesterday was a busy day)

This poll is now closed - and it looks unanimous - our first ops team will be a group of 3.

Thank you to all who voted - please check out each of our candidates and get more information about this election here - https://www.theforgegaming.net/forum/index.php/topic,89.0.html