Starfleet Personnel File: Lieutenant Commander Oriol Vives

Started by Scott Archer, June 15, 2019, 05:03:15 pm

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Scott Archer

Name: Oriol Vives
Date of Birth: 29th February 2132
Age: 30 (7)
Race: Human
Place of Birth: Andorra la Vella, Andorra, Earth
Gender: Male

Rank: Lieutenant Commander
Current Assignment: Chief Engineer of the USS Nova
Date of Starfleet Commission: 14th July 2154
Previous Assignments:
 2150-54: Starfleet Academy
 2154: Receives Starfleet Commission and rank of Ensign
 2154: Assigned as engineer aboard the Intrepid and involved in the repairs following the Xindi attack and remains on board for 6 months
 2155: Transferred to the Columbia (NX Class)
 2155: Given field commission of Lieutenant and made ACE of the Columbia temporarily after several of her engineering staff is killed in the war.
 2157: Fully Promoted to Lieutenant and becomes CE of the Triton (Neptune class) and works on the retrofit of this class, allowing it to be used in the war
 2158: Commended for his 'creative thinking' that allowed the Triton and a cargo ship to go to warp 5 temporarily and escape
 2158: Becomes CE of the Intrepid following it's refit
 2160: Promoted to Lt Cmdr and assigned to oversee the Nova refit
 2161: Assigned as Nova's Chief Engineer

Biographical Information:
Oriol Vives was born in Andorra la Vella, the capital of Andorra in 2132 on February 29th, technically meaning he is currently only 7. He grew up in the city and is fluent in Catalan, Spanish, French and English.
From a young age, he had an interest in engineering in school and then working on lego and mechano models in his spare time. This develops into a fascination with computers that leads him to learn several computer languages.
Vives is also a born explorer, and would often spend weekends out in the Pyrenees camping with friends and had to be picked up by mountain rescue a fair few times.

His father wanted him to pursue a career in programming, but Vives instead decided to expand his passion of engineering further and mix it with his passion of exploration and applied to Starfleet Academy. He was accepted and moved to San Francisco that summer.

The Academy:
Struggling to create new friendships in America, Vives becomes closed off and hyper focuses on his work - often the butt of other cadets jokes.
In 2152, he is part of a crew of cadets on a simulator on the moon in an incident that goes wrong. Using his engineering knowledge, he saves the crew of the simulator from death and becomes part of their social group.
Despite these newfound friendships, Vives still hyperfocuses on his work, almost leading to a breakdown towards the end of 2153. He is narrowly saved by a friend and seeks professional help.
He is eventually able to find a more healthy work-life balance and proceeds to get some of the best recorded results at the end of his fourth year and is commissioned into Starfleet as an Ensign.

The Intrepid:
Vives joins the crew of the Intrepid whilst she is in dry dock being repaired following the final battle with the Xindi. He remains aboard for their first tour of duty in the Sol System patrol as the Romulan War Starts.

The Columbia:
After Starfleet takes several heavy losses towards the start of the war, Vives is sent to the Columbia.
After only two months, Columbia is heavily damaged in a battle and whilst Vives is out on a damage control team, Columbia's engineering section is decompressed, killing the majority of the engineering staff.
After his team lead is killed, Vives is able to lead the remainder of his damage control team to recompress engineering, saving several crew members, including the chief engineer and by extension, avert a core breach.
Following this Vives is given a field promotion to Lieutenant and becomes Columbia's ACE.
After almost two years in this role, Columbia takes on a new engineering team and Vives is transferred to the Triton.

The Triton:
After some heavy losses, Starfleet pulls several of it's older warp 2 Neptune class vessels out of mothballs and works to refit them.
Vives is second in command of the refit team and becomes Chief Engineer of the test bed ship, the Triton.
Whilst never on the front lines directly, these ships become essential escort vessels and can achieve warp 3.5

The Krakatoa incident:
In 2158, the Triton is escorting a fleet of cargo ships taking critical supplies to Benzar when they are attacked by a Romulan fleet. Within the first 5 minutes of the battle, the Krakatoa (Intrepid type) and two other Neptune class ships (the Proteus and the ‎Nereid) are destroyed along with half the convoy.
The Triton is damaged but given a small respite as the Romulan fleet comes about.
Using some unfinished research from the refit project, Vives comes up with a plan to save Triton and a cargo ship. He butts head with the MACO leader who wants to stand and fight and suggests that Vives' method is more likely to get them all killed. After a short argument, the Captain states that time is of the essence and gives Vives permission to try his plan.
Everyone possible is transferred from the other cargo ships and the plan is put into action. Linking the cargo ships warp control and powergrid to the Triton, they just make warp 5 and are able to stay far enough ahead of the Romulans to reach the battle group at Benzar.

Vives receives a commendation for his 'Creative Thinking' but causes a rift between Vives and the MACO personnel on the ship.

Chief Engineer of the Intrepid:
Following it's refit, Vives returns to the Intrepid and serves as it's chief engineer for the final two years of the war and is present at the Battle of Cheron and Andoria 
Following this, he is promoted to Lieutenant Commander and transferred to the Nova.

Vives heads up the team that refits the Nova in late 2160 and helps develop a few additional features and corrections after serving on the Intrepid and from his experience of the Neptune refits.
In January 2161 - Starfleet orders a rush through of the refit cutting 3 months off the launch date and leading to several long days for the refit crew and only just being ready for her launch.
In March 2161, Vives is offered either being second in command of the NX refit project and working on the Enterprise or becoming CE of Nova. After a long time deciding, he decides he wants to go out and explore - not sit around in a dry dock and he has to admit, he's become rather fond of Starfleet's smaller ships. He accepts the position on Nova.