Episode 1 - The New Order

Started by Klaw, May 29, 2019, 01:40:12 pm

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Star Trek: Nova
Episode 1 - The New Order
Mission Start Date: April 5, 2161
Airdate: Saturday, June 15, 2019 at 13:30 EDT (18:30 BST)

Major Christopher Johnson of Earth's Military Assault Command Operations stands guard, facing the crowd in the massive hall. Behind him, Captain Jonathan Archer of Earth's once fastest starship, NX-01 Enterprise, commemorates the historic summit that will soon pave the way toward a new order in the galaxy.

Within the crowd are members of dozens of non-terrestrial species, Starfleet Officers, MACOs, Politicians and one curious oddity that will soon set a long journey into motion...


Please be sure to confirm your attendance when you can :) Also, keep an eye out for a thread pertaining to signatures for the Forum RP-side of the story, I think having character signatures will help engulf us a little more in that.

The Forum side won't start until after the first episode airs, so keep an eye out for our first transmission sometime Sunday the 16th.





Scott Archer


Saturday is the day! I look forward to seeing you all there.


A few notes (and I'm sorry for being late in dropping them - it's been a weird week)

We are going to start the episode on one of the Starfleet HQ maps (since I can't think of a single other map that looks like the hall pictured above :P )

Feel free to take on any of your characters during the opening. As mentioned in the subspace frequencies this week Nova is being recrewed, refit, and it's likely to be the case for most of Starfleet during this transition period for the whole duration of the series.

So play as anyone you wish for the opening sequence - take the time to explore any character that you want, with advanced knowledge that we will definitely see more of our Nova characters than our top brass characters (but we will see plenty of them too, don't fret :P )

The last little note I have is this: Have some fun today! I've been missing RPG-X, and I'm rusty - but I hope we can look beyond the rust and just enjoy ourselves.