Star Trek Nova Returns

Started by Klaw, February 27, 2021, 04:03:51 pm

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Good Morning Blacksmiths!

After discussions with a few of you, and a brief poll - your voices have been heard, and Nova has returned!

Star Trek Nova takes place in the first days of the Federation. For the next 13 weeks, we'll be the ones exploring the early Federation, dealing with internal political struggles, external threats from previously unseen corners of the galaxy, and may even throw in a small wacky do in honor of April 1st.

Details are still being carved out (And feedback is welcome :) ) - but there is a roster, and a brief introduction to the series, and a teaser for episode 1 currently up on the boards located here and more information will present itself as soon as it becomes available.

I am very excited about this mini-series, and I hope to see you all on March 13th!

Nova is back!