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Started by Klaw, June 25, 2020, 02:18:32 pm

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What setting do you think we should use?

Explore the Alliance of Light, and fly across the stars to discover new mythological beings from Ancient earth mythologies?
0 (0%)
Explore the Universe of Magic and mysticism, battling Space Orcs, and freeing Dragons from eons of imprisonment
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Explore a more modern feel, imagining the world as it could be in a not too distant future.
2 (40%)
Take things down a more direct Sci Fi route, and meet some new aliens
3 (60%)

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Early in the week of June 22nd, 2020 - Discussions began between a handful of people about the possibility of migrating RPG-X to a new engine.

Having been in the RPG-X community for more than a decade, I've seen these conversations before come up, and die almost as quickly - three times.

Over the last three days though, we seem to be thinking about something other than just a port of the RPG-X we know, but instead designing something new altogether.

I want to say this right now - we're still in the very early "throwing ideas at the wall and see what sticks" stage, but it's slowly looking like a team is emerging from all of this (as well as some well placed cautious optimism).

This post is intended to kinda help bring folks up to speed, who are not actively participating in our Discord (There's a link to our discord above - the blue circle widget on the end)

Now - all of this is open for debate, and I at least love feedback. We have an opportunity to tailor make a game experience for our community - so take part in helping us build it (even if all you do is Statler and Waldorf heckle us from the balcony :P )

So to start off, I have suggested that in order to avoid a lawsuit, we would need to *officially* avoid building something from any known intellectual property out there, and design something new. (*cough* mods *cough cough*)

Another thought - RPG-X wasn't nearly as polished when it first dropped. it took a number of iterations to get it to how we've known it for the past decade - so don't expect this to be a copy and paste of what you know, it'll take time to get to that.

Lastly, I'm working to compile a list of ideas and suggestions - the most important one right now - we need to create a setting for the base game universe, and roll with that setting in mind. I suggested a couple, but there could be more ideas - so suggest them! On Saturday, June 27th, I'm going to put up a poll here, and we'll vote on a setting and move from that.

Note: This list lives here (I'm a link) and may not be updated regularly on the forums, but will be at this location - so check this link often :)

QuoteA Theme
We need to settle on a setting and theme. In an effort to avoid any known Intellectual Property, it'd be best if we design our own universe (Though, we can take a great deal of inspiration from various Sci-Fi sources...)

That said, I have two suggestions from my portfolio - and one from the modern world.

Suggestion 1 - Beyond Infinity: BI was a series I ran many many moons ago, set in a universe where gods, and mythological creatures roamed free. Zeus was the king of the planet Olympus and ruled the Alliance of Light for millenia, protecting it from the Shadow of Hades, and the shadow (literal shadow people) of the Hadin.

Suggestion 2 - A world I'm currently writing a book about: I'm writing a Novel based in a Tolkein-like fantasy world, but some 400 years in the future. So it's Lord of the Rings, in space.

Suggestion 3 - Space Force: We can use the modern world as a template, keep things Human within the base game, and explore the militarization of space some 80 years or so from now.

Personally, I feel Suggestion 3 is the most scalable canvas of the three suggestions, allowing for the most modability, without stepping on any possible IP's toes. - but, I'm open to other suggestions and ideas :)

Bottom line, we need a theme!

I am very enthusiastic about this, and I truly hope we can pull this off, but I know the only way we will is by the support of the community, so keep in the conversation! Lend a hand if you're willing/able (if I can learn Unreal, anyone can - I'm a computer hardware guy professionally, not a programmer - and I'm trying to learn this). I suspect over the course of next week, things will start to move into some form of real organization, so stay tuned :)


I went ahead and put the poll up. If you have any questions about the options, please ask. if I forgot to include an option, I honestly may have just missed it - please call me out on the oversight! and feel free during this period to brainstorm and think of other ideas, I'm not opposed to adding onto the list still.


Scott Archer has submitted the following as a fourth option - After almost a decade of civil war, the core systems are finally starting to stabilise. But as they do so, an old ally turns into a new enemy, once again threatening the lives of those in the core systems and a new arms race begins. Meanwhile, a reminder of their past threatens to completely redefine what it means to be human and a recent scientific survey finds evidence of an ancient race who preceded them all.

For more info on any of these options, or to suggest one of your own - don't hesitate to reach out! :)


If anything, just make a generic space/scifi base for the engine/game itself and end up adding the modding ability for a trek thing to drop later.


tbh - I agree with this - and IMO option 3 would likely be the closest to that, allowing for more focus on building the game mechanics and less on a complex setting.