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Klaw's Last SRP

Started by Klaw, February 10, 2020, 03:03:13 pm

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Which series interests you more?

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From Here to Infinity - Victory
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Prequel to New Orleans
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February 10, 2020, 03:03:13 pm Last Edit: February 14, 2021, 08:34:34 pm by Klaw
I was talking to Scott this afternoon, and he brought up that he was missing an old Nova character of his.

I mentioned that I was thinking about Nova just a few days ago, and suggested he take the character to my current idea "From here to Infinity"

long story short-ish.

I think I want to run a spring mini-series to give me some more time and motivation to map, and to see if there's enough interest to do so anyway.

So, a few off the cuff ideas include:

Quote from: undefinedOption One:

In 2161: Earth, Vulcan, Andoria, Tellar and a series of lesser known worlds came together from the ashes of a brutal war and forged an unprecedented alliance that would go on to encompass thousands of planets across lightyears of space.

The United Federation of Planets became a beacon for law and order, peace and prosperity throughout the Alpha and Beta quadrants of the Milky Way Galaxy, but things were not always as utopic as they seemed.

The early days of bringing law and order to the galaxy came in a lawless mess of disorder. The Federation found itself in a long up hill struggle to not only find its footing in this new galactic order, but to also bind the wounds from the Earth-Romulan war and years of conflicts between the peoples in this new alliance.

Nova tells the tale of The Federation's first year from the point of view of the crew of a mid-level, Intrepid Type Starfleet ship. We'll be present as the Federation builds outposts along the newly established Romulan Neutral Zone, we'll witness as the last remnants of the Vulcan High Command are absorbed into Starfleet, or the Vulcan Science Academy. We'll be present at the swearing in of the First Official President of the Federation, and witness the signing of the Charter that starts it all.

Come experience the rough first days of the Federation...

This is a loose continuation of the first iteration, but I've been led to believe it could be a load of fun :P

QuoteOption Two:
From Here to Infinity - Victory

If you have followed any of this Google Docs file, then you'll have some idea of the setting -

From Here to Infinity - Victory will focus on the long range stealth and recon ship Victory

Where the Explorer Class Galileo (The intended main ship of the full series) is sent out to meet and greet the universe, Victory's mission is one of reconnaissance. The Ship is sent out in advance of all the other ships in the IPP* (Name still not finalized) to investigate the threat that our allies, The Greys, are currently fighting.

The journey leads to a number of adventures, each serving as a constant reminder of the dangers of space travel.

QuoteOption Three:
Prequel to New Orleans

So another series I have in my head follows the 2350's - 2360's of Trek. The Ship is the USS New Orleans, a New Orleans Class ship, named in honor of her predecessor - the Excelsior Class USS New Orleans, Who's heroic adventures turned a young NCO into the master of the vessel in a very short time.

This mini-series would tell that tale - An adventure with mystery, intrigue, lots of space combat, and a secret doctor? We'll explore space, like we haven't seen it explored before.


As a preliminary suggestion - a few off the cuff ideas have come to mind (and I'm not afraid to map like a madman to accomplish these :P)

1. A dystopian 30th century. The Borg have all but destroyed the Alpha Quadrant, and what remains of the Federation live on in a scattered Flotilla, protected by an elite taskforce called Section 31 (it'd be a new, interesting take on the organization in the far future, after the events of option 2)

2. What I've called DS9 Season 8 - based on the writers room segment of the "What We Left Behind" DS9 Documentary. The first Cardassian in Starfleet has arrived on DS9 to take command of the station (20 years after Sisko was taken by the prophets) - and the galaxy is a very different place, but like Quark said "The more things change, the more they stay the same".

3. Days after the Khitomer conference, and the signing of the peace treaty between the Klingon Empire and the Federation, Starfleet readies a humanitarian convoy to head to Klingon Space. Mission 1 - Aid the Praxis cleanup, Mission 2 - Explore the vast expanse beyond the empire that even the Klingon's haven't ventured.


Maybe an Orville-esque RP based on a New Orleans Class Starship during the TNG/DS9/Voy Era. We'd explore the Gamma Quadrant first, meet some new alien races, and possibly take a pivotal role in the war... - as well as show some of the awkward transition between the Enterprise C and the Enterprise D. (pre TNG Season 1)


 I am not sure how reasonably I could commit to a regular timeslot, especially on the weekends, at this time. However, all of the ideas mentioned are very interesting and I would be interested in participating as much as I could.


A few minor notes

This is an old post - and that title may be a bit of a misnomer - we'll see.

If we have a semi-clear winner by the end of the month, we could start as soon as March 13th (if not sooner)

I'd prefer to run this as a Saturday Series - though comments on day/and time will be taken into consideration

(Translation to the above - let me know when works best for you here, so I can try to accommodate your schedules the best I can)

I also see this running as a 12 episode (max) mini-series. All but one of these has a continuation in mind - and can/will likely spawn a full series that I'll aim to start in the Fall.

If you have any questions about any of the above ideas, or the logistics of the series - or anything, please let me know.


The shuttle climbed slowly and steadily from the ground, with the young Captain at the controls. In the seats behind him were a few of his officers, battered and bruised from the mission they had just been on. The Captain looked down at his controls to ensure that their climb was steady, then turned his chair slightly so he could look his officers in the eye.

"You all did well - we did well. It was tough going, but we just saved an entire civilization from the brink of extinction"

The Science officer eyed the Captain in disbelief - the mission was a direct violation of their standing orders. General Order One! How could the Captain be so cavalier about breaking a rule like that?

The officers remained silent, each contemplating their futures, and the mission.

It isn't every day one goes diving into ice caves and cracks to leave a sonic resonance cannon in a deep crevasse of a planet's pole to help realign the magnetic pole and stave off an apocalyptic ice age that would have killed all life on a pre-warp planet.

What a trip, what a climb! When the quake hit, nearly everyone thought that would be it...

But they did it, and now this planet will remain stable for at least another 80 years; by which time the people may be more capable of surviving the event.

As the shuttle climbed through the clouds, a voice came through the comm array.

"Shuttlepod One, we have you on our scopes, you are cleared for docking."

And with that, zooming over head - Nova!

Taking up a position ahead of the shuttle in a low orbit, Nova aligned her launch bay for the shuttle to glide below. The magnetic grappling arm reached down and pulled the shuttle in, securing all aboard in the kind embrace of familiar sorroundings.

On the comm, the voice came on once again

"Shuttlepod One, Welcome Back"

Nova Returns March 13th