Job Posting - Community Media Manager

Started by Klaw, January 13, 2020, 02:28:27 pm

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The Forge is currently looking for an Active, engaging spirit to serve as a Community Media Manager.

the CMM is responsible for overseeing and maintaining community media and marketing initiatives including

-Social Media Profiles - Posting regular content on our SM profiles, advertising Events, engaging the greater communities of Facebook, Twitter etc.

-Web Advertising - finding places outside SM to promote the community

-Stream Service Content - Working with our friends at EE to coordinate Stream efforts, ensuring maximum outreach of all of our streamed content

-Forge Art work is a plus, but not required (Signature creation, slider banners, etc)

To Apply, please shoot a private message to Klaw with a simple explanation of why you feel you're up to the task.

Interviews will be scheduled for each applicant

I promise, this will be a very painless process, I just want a chance to talk to everyone one on one to see who's the best fit.