What's Happening at The Forge - Week of January 5th, 2020

Started by Klaw, January 05, 2020, 05:03:25 pm

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Happy New Year, Blacksmiths!

Time to shake off our Post-Holiday Blues and get back in our Gaming Routine! Here's a look at what's coming up this week!

RPG-X News:

Star Trek Nova Returns! After a long voyage, Nova and the Cargo Convoy have arrived at the rendezvous with the Xindi Aquatic ship to make their aid delivery. Be sure to confirm your attendance in the episode thread (I explained it last night, it's easier for me to keep track of who's coming if it's posted there then if it's on Discord or elsewhere - please oblige me, it only takes a minute :) )

I'm under the impression that Brand New Day will not be starting this month as originally planned, An official launch time for that series will be announced when it becomes available, however I am going to be working with another member about reviving an old series of theirs for a modern audience... we'll see what happens

If you have any interest in running your own SRP - that road is open to you! This thread details how to go about getting yourself set up: https://www.theforgegaming.net/forum/index.php/topic,19.0.html

Space Engineers News:

Server is live, we haven't done much recently there (I still want to gut and overhaul my starbase...)

At some point this month, I would like us to revisit The Battle of Colony Alpha - and see what kind of shenanigans we can get up to there. That poor planet is still under siege - one of our factions needs to claim total victory soon!

I'm contemplating an idea for a Ship Building/design Contest The First week of February. I haven't posted about it yet, but start drawing up ideas in your head for your ships :D

The Orville Interactive Fan Experience

Still looking for suggestions/opinions about rebooting Pegasus With the new updates the've made to the game recently, it's nearly a whole new experience! I don't want to take the time to do it though if there isn't support in the idea, so let me know!

If you're interested in planning an RP Why not drop a thread in the Let's Play board - or if you would like to run your own Serial Roleplay - please don't hesitate to contact a member of the Operations Team. We're always open to new ideas, and would love to help however we can.

We have our first Ops team meeting scheduled for Sunday, January 12th at 13:30 EST (18:30GMT) and it will be wholly open to the public. I want to welcome everyone, from the most active member, to the fresh faced newbie, to come and take part. The hope is that we can work as a community to add some new direction for us, and finalize some business that we've let sit idle for too long. So please drop by discord during this time (Operations Discussion Channel(s) )and let your voice be heard!

Last thing I want to say is Thank you. To everyone who has been patient, kind, generous; to everyone who has endured the hardships of the last year with us here, and have stuck around through them all. Our time is here - and your patience is about to be rewarded.

Let's have a Kick Ass 2020!