*Not So* Secret Santa

Started by callum603, December 22, 2019, 07:43:00 pm

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This is very late, but something we've only just thought about doing.

I've done Secret Santas elsewhere for a few years with moderate success.

While this is a very late to post up now, would any one in the Forge want to particpate in a Secret Santa?

The rules are simple.  You sign up here and purchase a game or gift of roughly $5-10.  Everyone who is signed up will be randomly assigned another person to send their gift to.  It is up to you if you wish to wait to purchase your game/gift until you know who it's going to and purchase accordingly or purchase in advance.

You are free to spend more than the suggested amount, but on the proviso that you may get something back of lesser value, so we recommend sticking close to the suggested amount.

To give people a chance to sign up I was thinking of distributing names on Christmas Day for delivery on or a few days after Christmas Day.

The not so secret part about it is that you will be delivering your gift yourself either via PM, Steam, etc.

If you'd be up for this post your interest below, along with questions etc (I typed this in a bit of a hurry so hopefully it makes sense).

So long as we get a good few people I'll make sure we run this and I'll get the names sent out to you via PM on Christmas Day.

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Just for clarity sakes, I'm in :P