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Started by Klaw, December 19, 2019, 02:21:01 pm

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This morning I am coming to you all with a first for our little community. As such I'm not sure how best to proceed, but I'm going to press on in as fair, and transparent a manner as I feel is appropriate without shaking the peace of mind of everyone too harshly.
Over the course of the last few days, The Operations Team (StringTheorist, Scott Archer, and Myself) and the Community Advocate (Callum603) have been investigating some incidents on our Discord server relating to potential breaches of the CoC by 'VortrexFTW'

After an incident on Sunday evening, then again Tuesday in which conversations went inexplicably hostile, The Ops Team and Community Advocate discussed how to proceed. It was suggested we send out a friendly, informal warning.

They asked me to administer it On Monday Evening.
Tuesday, the second conversation went hostile, and I had not yet had the time to issue the warning and following my becoming aware of the new situation, I issued the following statement:

QuoteHey Vortrex, I wanted to take a moment and address something in an informal setting because it's become a rising concern among a number of people at The Forge. To put it plainly, some folks (myself included) have commented that your conduct has seemed a little over the top adverserial of late. A recent example of this was Sunday when a conversation about fire trucks appeared to have turned heated, and again tonight.

I know matters in the Politics channel can be sensitive, and can turn heated quickly in today's political climate - but there's still a way to debate such matters in a respectful manner, your recent tangent about "brits" and "fins" shoving their noses where they don't belong, to paraphrase, leans more on an attack vector - seemingly a personal attack vector against a couple of fellow members - than a developed, grounded debate on an issue.

The short version is, this is a friendly reminder that it's not always what you say, but how you say it that matters. At The Forge, we're governed by a set of rules, and chief among them is to simply show respect for one another. I'm asking that you take this message to heart and be mindful going forward of not just what's being said, but how it's being said.

It was not met kindly. And led to him blocking myself, Callum603, and Scott Archer (though I suspect most, if not all of us were blocked on Discord, we discovered Callum and Scott's blocking from them trying to inform him of our decision.)

In response to his breaches of the CoC Section 1, Article 1 and reaction to blocking me, the Ops Team voted unanimously for a 14 day ban from all Forge Services, followed by a 14 day moderated inclusion, and 3 months on the moderator watch list.

This action was not taken lightly, and to be honest - it pains me a little to have to do it. But we are a community built on respect; respect for others, respect for ourselves, and respect for the games that we play. When that respect is broken, it creates a vacuum that sucks out the fun, and The Ops Team is dedicated to our mission - to create a fun, friendly environment for everyone.

If anyone has any questions or concerns about any part of this, please don't hesitate to reach out to me via the Forums, or Discord, Or E-mail (doktor_klawktopus@hotmail.com).