Christmas Party Week 1 - Use Your Words!

Started by Klaw, December 02, 2019, 04:30:33 pm

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So, I mentioned a while ago that I wanted to run some kind of off the wall Christmas celebration, figured we could have some fun with some abnormal choices :)

So, with that said - This Friday, Immediately Following Pegasus, Use Your Words! A Game for funny people, and their unfunny friends. (run time is like 30 minutes at most for a single game)

I was thinking we could gather on Discord and see how many folks we have, get players setup, and begin the shenanigans from there. It'll be a great time - Bring your wit, charm, and Penis jokes :) :P

See you all Friday!

Chris Wilkinson

One game that MUST be played.... Cards against Humanity


Here is a link to Twitch ( - where Use Your Words will be accessible! - and be sure to join us on Discord for the full effect!