What's Happening at The Forge - Week of December 9th, 2019

Started by Klaw, December 09, 2019, 04:53:49 pm

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Good Morning Blacksmiths!

This is our weekly update pertaining to what's happening this week at The Forge.

RPG-X News:

Nova's Ending begins! This episode was postponed due to an apparent lack of attendance (I only had one 'maybe' posted in the episode thread). I only have 4 episodes planned to close this story out. Please Please Please either post whether or not you'll make it - or even let me know if I should bother trying to close out the tale? One way or another, some communication would be greatly appreciated I hope to see you all Saturday at 15:30 EST (20:30 GMT)! Don't forget to confirm your attendance before Friday!

Happy to report that Brand New Day had a successful pilot episode, and will be serving us as a weekly serial on Sundays at 15:30 EST (20;30 GMT) Please check it out, It's a great series with a fun cast of characters!

If you have any interest in running your own SRP - that road is open to you! This thread details how to go about getting yourself set up: https://www.theforgegaming.net/forum/index.php/topic,19.0.html

Space Engineers News:

I've been working on some items for our Atmospheric battle. I'd kinda like to revive that event soon - possibly sometime in January - Be sure to check out details here - and join a team!

The Orville Interactive Fan Experience

Pegasus didn't go as planned last week. It didn't go at all, really. I want to thank Callum and Vortrex for stopping by, and helping me give it a try (before we got distracted with shooting balls :P )
I want to take a little time, and reevaluate this series. I'm leaning toward a fresh reboot - but we'll see. If you have any suggestions, let me know.

If you're interested in planning an RP Why not drop a thread in the Let's Play[url] board - or if you would like to run your own Serial Roleplay - please don't hesitate to contact a member of the Operations Team. We're always open to new ideas, and would love to help however we can.

Friday's 'Use Your Words' Stream was a great deal of fun, we even got some Twitch excitement from it, and it was suggested by Callum that we look into doing things like that in a revival of Friday Night Fun Night - and I agree.

So, this week, I think we should play something *similar* but with a bit more name recognition. Jackbox (I own 1-6, so we can switch in and out, and play anything if we want :P )

I'll get a post up about this within the next day or two, but for now - plan your friday night to be a night of laughs, and generalized shenanigans :)

Let's Kick some Ass this week folks! And remember, you are loved :)