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Started by callum603, December 07, 2019, 04:09:11 am

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Server Version: 1.14.4
Mods Required: None
Server Address:

Our server operates an automated whitelist, this is to try and help eliminate greifing by requiring all players on the server to be a registered member of The Forge or Earth's Elite.

In order to get added to the whitelist you will need to complete a certain field on your forum profile, you may have already done this during your registration (if signed up prior to 7th December 2019).

The field you need to complete is located under your account settings

It can take up to 30 minutes for the system to get you added to the server, the whitelist queue is processed every 15 minutes if there are users waiting to be whitelisted.

If you have been waiting for longer than 30 minutes and haven't been whitelisted after completing the Minecraft Username field under your account settings, then please contact a member of the ops team who will be able to get you added and investigate the issues with the system.

  • Server performs an automated restart at midnight (GMT)
  • Server performs automated backups every 6 hours (Midnight, 6AM, Noon, 6PM GMT)
  • Daily network/server maintenance occurs between 3AM & 9AM (GMT) every day across our server network.  There shouldn't be issues, but slightly increased pings should be expected during this time