Changes To Server Backups

Started by callum603, December 06, 2019, 05:40:11 am

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I just wanted to quickly put out a notice about a change that has been made to the Minecraft server backups.

We have been taking daily backups of the world up until today.

We are now taking 4 backups of the world a day - 00:15, 06:00, 12:00, & 18:00 (GMT).

We used to store 48 hours worth of backups (so 2 backups of the world), we are now only storing 24 hours worth of backups on the server, however, we are now backing up those backups daily to our off site server and will be storing those for 7 days.

This means we're not only keeping backups for longer but we are also taking backups more frequently which means if something was to happen less progress will be lost.

The reason I am putting up this notice is because there will potentially be a lag causing process every 6 hours now, instead of every 24.

Daily restarts are unaffected and will continue to happen at midnight.

Any issues please let us know.