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Star Trek: North Star

Started by Klaw, November 29, 2019, 05:07:00 pm

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So, I've been thinking about this for a while, and this week it really hit me hard.

I think I'm going to close Nova (for now anyway) as I am just spinning my wheels, and I'm not sure where to take her atm.

And in her place, I'm going to build a small map (part of the work is already done there) and start a new series focused on a Polaris Class ship, a small, agile vessel built for the defense of earth and her allies during the Earth-Romulan war.

I don't want to spoil too much, but North Star will focus on some stories, locations, and races we have never seen before (with a fair bit of inspiration from BSG, Lost in Space, Voy, DS9 and Ent)

I think it'll be a fun experience, and I look forward to your feedback, theories, and general hype for this as I post pictures of the map, cryptic messages possibly containing spoilers, and what not :P


To start out the hype train, a brief overview of the Polaris:

Class: Polaris Class
Registry: NCC-82
Roles: Short Range Exploratory, Escort
Maximum Speed: Warp 3
Cruising Speed: Warp 1.2
Length: 110 Meters
Max Crew Compliment: 45

Primary Weapons:
                4 High Yield Phase Canons (2 Dorsal, 2 Ventral)
                1 Fore Photonic Torpedo Launcher
                1 Aft Photonic Torpedo Launcher
Defensive Systems:
                Polarized Hull Armor
                Mk II EM Modulated Shield Generator

Auxillary Craft:
                1 Type I Shuttlepod
                2 Worker Bee Drones

Additional Tech of Note:
                Polaris is the first ship to utilize the new, experimental Industrial Replication technology, allowing the ship to resupply a number of critical components while in flight, and away from a Starbase.

                Polaris is also equipped with an experimental Long Range sensor pod, located on the lower section of the Saucer. This pod allows the ship to scan upwards of 5 systems away with alarming accuracy.

                Most of the technology of note has been tested and tweaked by the USS Daedalus (NCC-170) during the current conflict with the Romulans, Polaris marks the second ship in Starfleet to be equipped with most of these toys, testing how a smaller, more under powered vessel could handle them; as directed by Commodore James Allen.


First Look: The Bridge (Still WIP)

She's small - and rightly so. The doors on the left and right will lead to a small corridor with the ready room, a conference room, and a staircase/ramp that heads down to the next deck. (Ideally, the entire ship will be connected by this method, and the Turbolift)

We're looking at 3 and a bit decks, with lots of tiny room - I'm aiming for a 22nd Century version of the Defiant, we'll see if I hit that aesthetic.

Stay tuned for more updates! :)


A Fun little read, referring to the meaning of the Title, and the ship's namesake

*May* hint at story elements...


I think I'm on the track I want to be on with the pillars. I'm going to experiment with a light changing function, which will force the pillars to change hues based on Alert Status (maybe even night mode) and those hues will also alter the ambient light (I think it will create a more immersive experience - if I can pull it off...)

Also going to build 4 corner panels for the corners of the bridge, and I'm thinking about a standing tactical console directly behind the CO, but we'll see. Progress is slow, but she's coming :)