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Hello everyone!

 With two competing ideas for an RPG-X series while I am only able to run one effectively, I have decided to run a pilot for each and use the reception from that to determine which series will move forward. Whichever series continues will be airing on Sundays at 15:30 EST/20:30 BST. The pilot for Brand New Day will continue as normal, and the pilot for Alliances will take place on December 1st at the aforementioned time.

 The other series pilot is a different kind of SRP. This would be focused on the workings of the Federation and Starfleet at the highest levels in the aftermath of the Dominion War. The Klingon Empire is still recovering from the war, the Cardassians are still under the control of the Federation Alliance, and the United Federation of Planets and the Romulan Star Empire stand as the two great powers poised to control the Alpha Quadrant. President Ardoxx, the Federation President who guided the Federation through the last year of the Dominion War, has left office and is being replaced by junior Federation Council member Kolvess from Denobula. Will the new and untested president be ready to lead the Federation? Find out on Sunday, December 1st. Apply below.

Kolvess Administration
President of the United Federation of Planets - Kolvess - Kolvess - Played by StringTheorist
Presidential Chief of Staff - Marcus Hale - Spider - Played by Shoot
Presidential Press Secretary - OPEN
Attorney General - OPEN
Secretary of State - OPEN
Scientific Adviser - OPEN

Federation Council
Chairperson of the Federation Council - Benjamin Foster - Foster - Played by Klaw
Councilor for (Federation member of your choice) - OPEN
Presidential Liaison to Federation Council - OPEN

Commander in Chief of Starfleet - OPEN
Chief of Starfleet Intelligence - OPEN
Director of Presidential Security - OPEN


Chairperson Benjamin Foster reporting in as a political rival/friend :P

Unless you want me somewhere else? :) Just drop me anywhere



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