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Started by Klaw, November 04, 2019, 04:19:43 pm

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Good Day one and all

I wanted to take a small moment for some self-promotion (something I really don't like to do) but I want to share a taste of something that I'm working on.

A few months back, I had this idea in my head about Tolkien's Middle Earth in the Future, which sparked a conversation about Star Wars is the Future of Lord of the Rings, which led me on similar tracks until finally, I found myself in this universe of magic and space ships.

Then I started writing.

I'm nearly at my quarter mark for my tale, and I'll be going back and polishing the intro and first 5 chapters after I hit it, but I'd like some feedback - and thought I'd share the intro to see what you all think - take your suggestions, and who knows, maybe I'll release other sections down the road :P


I'd love to discuss this universe, so if you have questions about the setting, or just want to talk - hit me up! :)

I hope you enjoy this taste of my madness.