The Weekend Shenanigans (November 1st - November 3rd)

Started by Klaw, November 01, 2019, 01:57:33 pm

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Ladies and Gentlemen. I firstly want to take a moment and say, I'm back to fighting strength! I'm ending my LoA, and I'm getting back on the crazy train. Over the next few days, I'm going to work with the Ops Team, our Community Advocate, and a few of you all to help get some shenanigans planned for the coming weeks, and get us all back on track :) Stay Tuned for more

in the meantime, here's an overview of the Weekend's Shenanigans:

Tonight, 11/1/2019:

17:30 EDT (21:30 GMT)  - Pegasus Returns! Join the crew of the Planetary Union's most dysfunctional ship on her return (Which jokes will be made about our long hiatus... it's going to be a fun night!) Here's some General Tips, Tricks, and Treats to help knock the dust off our excitement.

Tomorrow, 11/2/2019:

Nothing is formally planned this week BUT...

Brand New Day is a series that will be launching soon. Set in the dawn of the 24th Century, BND will explore the lost era between Star Trek VI and TNG. I can imagine we'll see a Klingon Empire being reborn on the heels of the Khitomer Accords, a Romulan Empire testing the waters for their expansion, and a Starfleet that's slowly coming out of the age of "Cowboy Diplomacy". (Or so I'm guessing - String's running the series :P ) Go check it out!

Also - I've got a hankering for some Space Engineers... you can probably find me on the SE server a little bit tomorrow, and if you wanted to join in, and blow stuff up - come on by! :P

Sunday, 11/3/2019:

Again, nothing on the planning board this week - but let's keep our options open. I mean... "nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition..."

Let's have some fun this weekend! The fires are warming up again, let's get The Forge going again!