Hello World posts across the web (Where have we said hi?)

Started by Klaw, August 23, 2019, 12:54:39 pm

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So - I wanted to keep a running tab of posts that are made for general introductions across communities - just to help keep me organized (and maybe give you all some idea of who I've said hi to, and be able to offer suggestions of other communities and locations that we should reach out and say hi to)

I will also "assign" a point of contact for each community, so if something needs said, or done in regards to that post, they're the person to get ahold of.

Without further ado, this is a list of the places and posts that we've reached out to since our rebranding.

The Last Outpost - assigned to StringTheorist

Earth's Elite - assigned to Scott Archer

United Federation of Planets - assigned to Klaw

The Order of Kahless - assigned to Klaw

Risa Party organization - assigned to Klaw

Reddit Posts (Feel free to upvote/comment - keep the threads alive if you wish :P)


if you can think of any other communities that I may have missed - or anyone that we should go say howdy to - please let us know :) We love meeting new people.