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Started by Klaw, August 22, 2019, 10:58:48 am

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From our Friends at EE (Who are now hosting our website)

Quote from: {EE} Callum JacksonEvening all,

Sunday 18th of August 2019 the Enterprise server was infected with Malware, this malware utilised the root account to mine crypto currency (so if any services were lagging that evening that is why).

I have removed the malware from the server and implemented precautions to ensure it doesn't come back, these precautions are being rolled out across the EE network right now.

However, it is good practice after something like this to redeploy the server.  This involves reinstalling the Servers' OS and setting everything up again (yay *as he rolls his eyes*)

While I am 99% sure I have removed the malware from the server, we don't know what lasting affects it could have and can no longer fully trust the security of the system, which is why the above is required.

I would just like to stress at this point in time, I have no reason to believe any user data was compromised, however changing your passwords can't hurt.

Maintenance will begin on Sunday 25th August 2019 @ 4PM BST, at this time the EE website and primary DNS will go offline, our backup DNS services will take over for the duration of Enterprise's downtime.

We will be prioritising bring up DNS and webhosting within the first hour of the reinstall, with secondary services following after that.  (RPG-X will be back online for Temporal Leap).

The following services and servers will be affected by this...

•   Web Hosting
•   DNS
•   Database
•   FTP
•   Network Drives

Game Servers
•   AoS
•   CSGO
•   Minecraft
•   FiveM
•   Flight Network
•   RPG-X
•   Holomatch

Enterprise should be fully operational by 6AM Monday morning.

No other EE services will be affected during this time.

We apologise for this inconvenience and will try to ensure the resolution of this issue is as quick as it can be.

Once the site is back up this thread will be kept updated on the progress.

I have been told that the website should only be down a couple of hours at most - Callum plans to get the site back up quickly - but please be aware :)