Vote to accept the Partnership Agreement with Earth's Elite

Started by Klaw, August 18, 2019, 12:12:30 am

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Shall we accept the partnership agreement as written?

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Around the time of the community rebranding (I think we were still discussing a name around this time) I was approached by a member of Earth's Elite's Senior staff about the possibility of a partnership agreement (After the dust settles.)

Well, over the course of the time since then, the dust has settled - and we have had numerous on and off conversations until *finally* this week, were were all able to sit down and discuss in detail the ideas of the agreement.

In short - I strongly believe that we have hashed out something that truly benefits all parties. The wording of the agreement is as follows:

QuoteEarth's Elite and The Forge Partnership Agreement

The governing bodies of Earth's Elite and The Forge,

Recognizing the benefits of cooperation between their communities,

Approving of the current collaboration between both communities,

Desiring to formalize a partnership between the communities and to share resources,

Have agreed to form a partnership under the following terms:

Section 1: General Provisions
1. Earth's Elite will adopt The Forge as their partner gaming community, giving The Forge access to their server backbone and cooperating with the community when producing gaming content.

2. The Forge will adopt Earth's Elite as their partner content creation team, maintaining the broadcast of Forge events on Twitch, YouTube, and other sites.

3. The full terms of this partnership, including the rights and responsibilities of both groups and the process of amending the partnership are detailed in subsequent sections.

Section 2: Earth's Elite Rights
1. Members of Earth's Elite will have access to their servers for regular gameplay and for scheduled events.

2. All members of Earth's Elite Senior Staff will have administrator access to any and all servers governed by this agreement. Earth's Elite members designated by the Earth's Elite Senior Staff as admins for specific games may also be given the specified level of access to the relevant server(s).

3. Earth's Elite may make any decisions related to the server's technical performance, cost, or other changes that would not make significant changes to gameplay.

4. Earth's Elite will have blanket permission to stream and the right of first refusal to broadcast events by The Forge as the community's official partner.

5. Earth's Elite administrators have permission to take temporary disciplinary measures on the server (e.g. temporary bans, n00bclassing, etc.) outside of the established disciplinary channels of The Forge should such measures be necessary to maintain order on the server.
Section 3: Earth's Elite Responsibilities
1. Earth's Elite will maintain The Forge as the group's partner gaming community.

2. Earth's Elite will cross-promote The Forge and its events on social media.

3. Earth's Elite will maintain the servers and assist in addressing technical issues such as server crashes.

4. Members of Earth's Elite will not be exempted from server rules, unless given special permission for the purposes of an Earth's Elite event (within reason).

Section 4: The Forge Rights
1. Members of The Forge will have access to the servers owned by Earth's Elite for regular gameplay and for scheduled events.

2. All members of the Operations Team will have administrator access to any and all servers governed by this agreement. Forge members designated by the Operations Team as admins for specific games may also be given the specified level of access to the relevant server(s).

3. The Forge may set server rules or any other policies for conduct on servers.

4. The Forge may make reasonable requests for server modification that would affect gameplay or accessibility.
Section 5: The Forge Responsibilities
1. The Forge will maintain Earth's Elite as the community's partner streaming and content creation team.

2. The Forge will cross-promote Earth's Elite's events and donation drives on social media.

3. All members of Earth's Elite will be provided with membership with The Forge.

4. The Forge will take responsibility for policing malicious behavior on servers and disciplining those who violate server rules.

5. The Forge will host and maintain any forum-side content (i.e. FiveM records, copies of server rules, etc.) on the community forums.
Section 6: Ratification, Amendments, and Nullification
1. This agreement must be ratified unanimously by the leadership of both The Forge and Earth's Elite.

2. Any member of the leadership of either group has the right to propose amendments to the terms of this agreement.

3. The terms of this agreement may be amended by a majority vote by both The Forge and Earth's Elite.

4. If possible, future discussions of amendments or the resolution of disputes will be conducted by members of Earth's Elite's Senior Staff and The Forge's Operations Team who do not share membership in the other governing body.

5. Either group may request that the agreement be nullified so long as they give two weeks' notice of intent to withdraw.
Section 7: Miscellaneous Provisions
1. The servers regulated by this agreement will be branded jointly as servers of both The Forge and Earth's Elite. However, Earth's Elite maintains full ownership of all aforementioned servers.

2. The addition of new servers does not necessitate an amendment to this agreement. Amendments are only required if the terms governing these servers are changed.

3. New servers created by either group will only be governed under the terms this agreement by mutual agreement by both groups.

4. Upon ratification, Earth's Elite may choose any servers they do not wish to be governed by this agreement to be exempted.

5. Agreements with other gaming communities enacted before the date of this agreement's ratification will be allowed to continue.

6. Competing demands for use of the servers (should they exist) may be settled via coin toss or other random method of selection.

7. Leadership of either group may request the removal of administrators outside of Earth's Elite's Senior Staff and The Forge's Operations Team should they abuse their administrator abilities.

This partnership agreement has been read and understood by the leadership of both Earth's Elite and The Forge. The leadership of both aforementioned communities have independently agreed to the terms outlined in the sections above. This partnership agreement will come into force on the fifteenth day of August, 2019. The members of Earth's Elite's Senior Staff and The Forge's Operations Team have signed this agreement to formally establish the described partnership.

The short version is - EE is looking to restructure, and focus more on streaming. They would like to work with us to be their gaming arm.

My vote is a resounding yes. As stated, I believe this agreement is mutually beneficial, and will help further the goals of The Forge and EE.

Operations Team (and people of The Forge) What Say You?!


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I vote yea.

Scott Archer


Right - if there are no further objections from anyone - I'm happy to see this go through :)