The Second Great Battle of Colony Alpha - On Land, Sea and Air!

Started by Klaw, August 14, 2019, 02:22:11 pm

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The Scenario:
Following the heroic victory of the Foxian Republic in orbit of Colony Alpha The factions are regrouping. An Ancient, well armed and abandoned military base on the surface lies at the center of attention for all parties. Each faction is arming up, and preparing to land their forces on the planet - to take control of the facility, and claim the abandoned colony once and for all!

The Factions:

The Hawking Squad - Scott Archer, Stringtheorist. and Dendo

The Foxian Republic - Callum603, Chris Wilkinson, and Klaw

The Rules:
(Subject to change up to 2 weeks before the event)

QuoteOne Small Vehicle per person on a team (Including Bombers, Fighter, Tanks - etc) - Remote Controlled Weapons (Drones) do not count against this restriction

One Larger - Atmospheric - Base ship/Mobile Operations Center Tank - whatever per Team (Something Mobile and capable of carrying the smaller craft(s))

I'll build/Find a base for us to use - and we'll drop it in the middle of the planet.

All teams will start roughly equidistant from the base - say - 5km away.

We fight until The last man is standing or the Base we're fighting for is little more than a pile of rubble.

I'll setup a neutral spectator facility/ship of some kind - when you lose your team's last medical facility, and you die, you will need to join the spectating team, and enjoy the last of the show.

All mods currently on the server are permitted for use.

Projectors are also permitted (yes - if you lose your fighter, and have to respawn - you *can* use a projector to rebuild - as long as your base facility has the materials to build it...)

The Airdate:

Any other questions or Suggestions?

Scott Archer



great - let's discuss when to do it!

I'm thinking September 20th - sometime early afternoon/late morning EDT



Updated the teams - it's not to late to join a team - or create one of your own! :) Should be a great planetary fight :)



I received a message today on reddit about some interest in joining us for this :) I'll keep you apprised as I learn more :)


It was brought to my attention that there was no definition of fighter/bomber/small tank/personal machine of war.

SO - I thought it best to define such.

I mentioned above that the fighters/tanks need to be able to be carried by the base ship (Even if it is on an external connector - I'm not picky :P )

It was suggested that we include a restriction that the personal machines of war be small grids, and no more than 2000 PCU (Which is quite high tbh)

I figured I'd bring it up for debate, and see what you think.

Scott Archer

Let me check my small ships PCU and I'll get back to you ;)
100% it needs to be a small grid though and 100% it needs to dock!

Any restrictions on big ships?

Scott Archer

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Also did we ever agree on a time for this? Late morning EDT - like 11am? 12? 13? (16-19bst)
I found it elsewhere :P


As I told Scott, I am afraid that I will not be able to be there tomorrow. Something has come up taking up most of my time tomorrow.



sadly - with string unable to participate (and a not-so-surprise belated birthday party being thrown for me tonight...) we're just not in a ready state to do this.

check back soon for details on when it's coming back!

Sorry folks


Anyone up for this next weekend? Or maybe the Weekend of Nov 22nd?

Scott Archer

I'm away again this next weekend and then it's the EE24H the week after.
As we didn't really properly organise a battle between me and you vs Callum and Shoot, could we do this as part of that?