What's Happening at The Forge - Week of August 5th, 2019

Started by Klaw, August 05, 2019, 01:10:58 pm

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Good Morning Blacksmiths!

This is our weekly update pertaining to what's happening this week at The Forge.

General Activity

I wanted to take a moment and welcome everyone who has dropped in on us over the last couple of weeks. It has been an absolute pleasure getting to know you, and RPing with a few of you, and I just want to reiterate that if you need anything, or if you have any questions - whatever, let us know how we can help :)

And Once again, Welcome :D

RPG-X News:

Nova's Episode 5 - Romulus Rising part 2 is bending the rules of Star Trek canon a bit this week - but should be a fun story all the same. We'll be continuing the timeslot trial this week as well so Nova will run at 15:30 EDT (20:30 BST) This week!.  Don't forget to confirm your attendance in the episode thread!

We're also looking at updating the time slot to better accomodate everyone who is currently attending, or wanting to attend. So go make your voice heard!

If you have any interest in running your own SRP - that road is open to you. The process may change once the ops team is put in place, but for the moment - this thread details how to go about getting yourself set up: https://www.theforgegaming.net/forum/index.php/topic,19.0.html

Space Engineers News:

Friday Night Fun Night this week is slated for some Space Engineers Shenanigans! I had thought - maybe we could Arm up for our next battle this week? Unless you have other ideas.

For those who took part in our Block Party battle, and anyone else who may be interested in joining us this time... how do you feel about Round 2

Also new mods - and a whole space base have been added to the server - drop in and check it all out. and don't forget to Send in your mod requests

The Orville Interactive Fan Experience

For anyone thinking "Hey Klaw - you haven't mentioned that new Orville Series, Pegasus - what's going on?!" Well - Pegasus is being ran as part of Friday Night Fun night, and as a result - we won't see her return until September And if you're worried that you will be out of the loop and forget everything that's happened by then - don't fear! because each of the episodes that have ran, following the story of the Pegasus have been streamed and recorded so you can catch back up, and be ready to take part!

BUT that's not stopping us from still RPing on this amazing game! (infact, I'm trying to push for some kind of shenanigans tonight, if we can get the crew for it...)

If you're interested in planning an RP Why not drop a thread in the Let's Play board - or if you would like to run your own Serial Roleplay - please don't hesitate to contact a member of the Operations Team. We're always open to new ideas, and would love to help however we can.

Let's have a great week everyone! (I feel like I've forgotten some things - if you can remember what they are - let me know :P)


Forgot Something!

Friday August 16th's Fun Night is slated to be a Strategy Game - But which strategy game? Help us decide in the discussion thread :)