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Started by Klaw, January 15, 2019, 05:14:32 pm

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Please, feel free to introduce yourself to the rest of us by replying below.

I'll start us off (even though most of what you need to know is in the "about us" section :P)

I'm Klaw, I've been actively playing RPG-X for... right around 10 years now.

I was a Star Trek fan before I was born.

I enjoy a wide range of media, though Sci Fi and fantasy is generally my go to.

Favorite non-trek shows include: Brooklyn Nine-Nine, The Orville, Scrubs, M*A*S*H, and The Last Ship

When I have the time, I enjoy painting Warhammer miniatures, Building maps for RPG-X and gaming.

Scott Archer

I'm Scott, also known as Scott the Awesome and occasionally Fun Police (which I'm sure is because I'm fun and the police*, not because I police fun :eyes: )

I've been playing RPG-X since just after it was cool but spent like the first 5 years or so running around maps and I have around an extra 2gb of content in my install that I've accumulated over the years.

I've been a Trekkie since I was 7 after watching First Contact and deciding that the Borg might just beat out the Cybermen (but the Daleks would still totally win.) And then proceeded to watch all of the original series (on DVD, which was like plastic spinny things for you young ones) and then Voyager back in the days when Virgin still had a TV channel and they used to show X-Files and Voyager every evening.
And I have now seen everything, including TAS and *shudders* the Abramsverse films.

Favourite non trek shows include: Dr Who, The Big Bang Theory, Red Dwarf, Brooklyn-99, The Orville, Scrubs and Final Space (season 2 is coming!)

In my spare time (and in my not spare time) I make (shoot and edit) films, occasionally clean up all the criminal activity on fiveM and obliterate all who stand in my way on Space Engineers.

*the police in GTA, not the actual police


I'm Shoot, or some people know me by mt actual name, Markus, I've been a Trekkie about 5-6 years after seeing some TNG episodes at my grandma's place on TV, and then I kinda just got into it and have been a Trekkie ever since.

I've also just graduated as an electrician (29/05/2019).

I love gaming, and you can find me on Steam playing games quite often.

My favorite non-Trek shows include: Designated Survivor, Formula 1: Drive to Survive, House of Cards, White Collar, Riverdale, The 100, Selling Sunset, Breakout Kings, Dexter, Prison Break, and The Crown, to name a few.

And my favorite non-Trek movies include: Apollo 13, Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, The Hunt For The Red October, Back to The Future Trilogy, Ocean's 8, 11, 12, 13, Bad Boys 1&2, Hangover Trilogy, Need For Speed, Deep Impact and White House Down, to name a few.
Currently Serving in the Finnish Navy for the 2020 Year.

Scott Archer

I forgot the 100! I love that show. Season 4 was meh tho - thoughts?


I noticed The Orville was on your list now, Scott :D

Scott Archer

Indeedy! Which is impressive, because I like, like way too many shows XD


hello I'm tanglepaw12, I've been a Trekkie for a good 5-6 years mostly because my family watches star trek a lot.

I love playing games and messing around in rpg-x on my own time this is where most of my time goes, other then role playing on different forms.

I haven't decided on what non-trek shows I've seen so I won't have a list yet but I'm happy to be here.



Welcome Tangle! glad to see a familiar face :)