What's Happening at The Forge - Week of July 15th, 2019

Started by Klaw, July 15, 2019, 07:54:33 pm

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Good Morning Blacksmiths!

This is our weekly update pertaining to what's happening this week at The Forge.

Block Party!:

Starting Friday, July 19th - we will be celebrating our foundation, our friendships, and just having a blast playing some games this weekend with a big block party!

We've invited our friends and neighboring communities to come and check it out, and I'm hoping that it'll be a fun event for everyone who comes and checks it out.

The Schedule is as follows:

(All times are in EDT)


6pm - Space Engineers - The Great Battle of Colony Alpha!


10am - Armada II Fleet Ops (Installer for the mod can be found here - I have been led to believe that it is a complete installer - if this is not the case, and you need an Armada Installer, let me know.)

1:30pm - RPG-X - Nova!!! I anticipate a 3 hour week this week, just an early warning.

5pm - GTA V Criminal Empire Building


10am - Bridge Crew

2pm - Civilization VI.

5pm - Closing Discord Session

More details pertaining to this schedule will be made available over te next couple of days.

RPG-X News:

Nova is a special episode this week to help commemorate our Block Party weekend. - be sure to confirm your attendance in the thread (Or just drop on in, if you're visiting :) )

If you have any interest in running your own SRP - that road is open to you. The process may change once the ops team is put in place, but for the moment - this thread details how to go about getting yourself set up: https://www.theforgegaming.net/forum/index.php/topic,19.0.html

Space Engineers News:

Mods and More will be added to the server this week, in preparation for our Friday Night shenanigans. Keep an eye out for the fun stuff coming that way - and be sure to add your mod suggestions here: https://www.theforgegaming.net/forum/index.php/topic,107.0.html

The Forge itself:

It's going to be a busy, crazy week as we prepare for the weekend shenanigans. I'm planning on streaming most of the events, and strongly encourage others to do the same. This is our first big opportunity to say "hello" to the world, so let's make a good first impression.

Let's have some fun, and be well this week. :D