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Started by Klaw, July 09, 2019, 11:37:04 pm

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Another thing we need to look at are Operations Team procedures. We'll need to write out a guide on what is expected of everyone in this role - beyond what's written in the CoC.

I have some inspiration, and will start drafting something tonight and into tomorrow. But if you (meaning anyone reading this) have any ideas, please let us know! (Feel free to start a similar thread in Operations Discussion to chime in if you want to)


So I thought about this a bit, and these are the rough ideas I have.

1.) Every Member of the Operations Team is expected to log onto the forum at least once per week.
2.) Every Member of the Operations Team is expected to Make a post on the forums at least once per week
3.) When voting, every member of the operations team is expected to post their vote, as well as voting in the poll.

I had more, but I lost my train of thought. What do you guys think so far?