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Social Media

Started by Scott Archer, July 08, 2019, 08:04:24 pm

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Scott Archer

I wanted to get the ball rolling on this - I was thinking the classic 3 (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) and of course YouTube and maybe Twitch (we could set it to restream people - ie Callum.) And then using hootsuite (free for up to 3 social media profiles I believe) to manage it.

At present, @theforge_gaming seems to be available (sadly @theforgegaming and @forgegaming were taken :( )


How about @notasecretstartrekcult - or maybe just @theforge?

but yes - this seems great! What do we need to get started?

Scott Archer

I think @theforge was already taken too. And @notasecretstartrekcult might be a little obscure and put off those looking for a genuine secret star trek cult ;)

I can do it now - but we also need a squarish image for the 'profile picture' ideally in a 1:1 ratio and then a cover image 820x360 with most of the content central - like this:


Profile Picture, I can get you tonight

The Cover Image *looks at String and the graphics department* may take a little time

Scott Archer

For reference I've created
A hootsuite account with Facebook, Instagram and Twitter added in and set it up.
A Facebook page - (annoyingly facebook doesn't let you use _ - we could leave these all as they are or we could change the others to 'forgegamingthe' fairly easily?)
An Instagram account -
A twitter account -
A youtube account -

I also edited the logo to be square and created banners based on the image Klaw gave me and scheduled a couple of posts to get us started!

If you have any of these, if you could interact in whatever way you feel comfortable!


...looks like my old fart butt needs to social media now...