Nova NPC Crew Roster

Started by StringTheorist, July 08, 2019, 02:59:46 pm

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This is a list of the NPC characters that are serving aboard Nova. Please feel free to use these characters and suggest new additions to the crew as needed. This list will be updated after each episode to reflect any changes.

Ensign Helen Knowtheway - Human Flight Control Officer

Ensign Thomas Miller - Human Security Officer
Petty Officer (2nd Class) Ryv Th'zhial - Armory Officer (KIA)

Ensign Steve Taylor - Human Engineer
Ensign Rich Sheringham - Human Engineer (KIA)
Petty Officer (1st Class) Bligon - Tellarite Technician (KIA)
Petty Officer (3rd Class) "Silent" Arthur Crane - Sensor Specialist
Crewman (1st Class) Mike Russell - Human Technician
Crewman (2nd Class) Mike "Other Mike" Davies - Human Technician
Chief Petty Officer O'Brien - Human Transporter Chief
Crewman (1st Class) Annie Harby - Human Transporter Technician

Lieutenant (JG) V'las - Vulcan Astrophysicist (KIA)
Ensign William Nye - Human Science Officer

Lieutenant (JG) Sovak - Vulcan Medical Officer
Ensign Karen Flowers - Human Nurse
Crewman (1st Class) Hector Davis - Human Nurse
Crewman (3rd Class) Curtis Wallersted - Human Medic (KIA)